Remove the head and pin feathers, singe, and draw the tendons, as described. Then with a sharp, heavy knife split the bird down the back, through the backbone; the entrails can then be easily removed. If there is ample time, scrape away the flesh from the breastbone and lift that out, and carefully scrape away the rib bones and remove them. This makes the bird much easier to eat and more sightly. The legs should also be separated at the second joint.

Preparing Birds For Fricassee

Clean, draw and remove the tendons, as directed. It is not at all difficult to prepare the bird for a fricassee if the knives are sharp. Cut off the legs at the first joint, using a sharp knife, then separate them at the second joint. This is easily done if the legs are bent. Then cut off the wings and disjoint them. Separate the breast from the back; divide the back into four pieces, slit down the breast cutting it in two. If desired the breast halves may be subdivided. This makes 'the white meat go farther