This type of freezer consists of a bucket of wood or metal for holding the freezing mixture, ice and salt, and a non-rusting metal container with a closely fitting cover for holding the mixture to be frozen. The mixture in the container is stirred by a paddle attached through the cover to a crank which is operated by hand or which may be attached to a small electric motor.

Ice Crusher - A bag of heavy muslin, burlap, canvas or sailcloth is required to hold the ice while it is broken into small pieces. Some implement is necessary for pounding the ice in the bag. A wooden mallet is generally preferred because it crushes the ice more thoroughly and quickly than a smaller implement. Very satisfactory mallets and bags for breaking ice can be bought.

The Freezing Mixture - One part salt to eight parts crushed ice, by measure, is a good proportion for home use. The ice should be crushed fine, to expose as much surface as possible to the action of the salt. Snow may be used instead of ice, but it is advisable to mix a small amount of water with the snow to hasten the melting process. Rock salt is best for use in freezing. Mix the ice and salt before putting them into the freezer, and fill the freezer well above the line of the mixture in the icecream container.