Green peppers, 6, Sardines, 12, Bread-crumbs, 1 cup, Grated cheese, 1 tablespoon, Tomato sauce, 3 tablespoons.

Cut the tops from the peppers, and remove carefully the seeds and white membranes. Lay the peppers in a bowl and pour over them enough boiling water to cover, and set them aside till the water is cold.

Drain the peppers, and wipe them out. Remove the skins from the sardines, rub them smooth, add to them the cup of bread-crumbs, and the grated cheese, and moisten all with well-seasoned tomato sauce.

Stuff the peppers with this mixture, and stand them side by side in a deep dish. Pour a little tomato sauce, or soup over them and bake in a good oven until tender.

Transfer the peppers to a hot dish, thicken the gravy in the pan, and pour it about them.