Green Peas

Melt a large piece of butter in a saucepan. Add a small onion and green peas and let them steam slowly for about 40 minutes, shaking occasionally so that they won't burn. Peas cooked in this way are delicious, and no water need be added if they cook slowly.

Green Peppers Stuffed And Baked

Use only tender, sweet bell peppers, and for 6 medium sized peppers make a dressing in the following manner: Soak in cold water enough stale bread to make 1 pint when the water is pressed out. Season this with 2 teaspoonfuls salt, 1 tablespoon of fine herbs, a little chopped green onion and small piece of celery, also 2 tablespoonfuls of butter or savory drippings. Cut off the stem end of the pepper and remove all the interior, being careful to take out every seed. Fill the peppers with the dressing. Place them on end in a shallow baking dish, and pour around them a sauce prepared as follows: Put into a saucepan and on the fire 1 tablespoonful of drippings, when hot add gradually 1 level tablespoonful flour. Stir until smooth and brown, then add gradually 1 cup of meat stock or water. Season with 1 level teaspoon of salt. Cook 5 minutes, then pour around the peppers. Put the dish in a moderately hot oven and bake the peppers 1 hour, basting often with the sauce in the dish. Peppers may also be filled with a well seasoned dressing made of meat chopped fine, with or without the addition of bread crumbs or rice; and summer squash is also nice served in peppers and baked as above. - F. V. M.

Peppers Stuffed With Corn

Cut a slice from the stem end of 6 peppers, remove the seeds and scald for 5 minutes. Mix 1 cupful of corn, 1/2 cupful of grated ham, 4 tablespoonfuls cream, salt and pepper to taste and 1/2 cupful cracker crumbs. Fill the peppers with the mixture and cover with bits of breakfast bacon (or butter). Arrange in a pan, add 1 cupful of beef stock and bake 1/2 hour, basting often. - M. C. C.

Stuffed Peppers With Corn

Make a custard of the grated pulp of about 6 ears of corn, 2 eggs (the whites and yolks beaten separately), 1/2 cup milk, butter, pepper and salt, and fill bell peppers with this mixture. Cover the tops with bread crumbs, grated cheese and bits of butter and bake until the custard is well set, about 20 minutes. Tomatoes are very nice stuffed with the same mixture, with a bit of green pepper added to the top. -C.LB.

German Potato Dumplings

Grate cold boiled potatoes (about 2 cups), 2 eggs, fry 1 onion (sliced) in beef drippings, also small squares of bread. When brown add potatoes, 2/3 cup flour containing a little yeast powder; add a little salt, pepper and ginger. Mould into small balls about one-half the size of an egg and boil in salt water 5 or 6 minutes. Serve with chopped onions browned, or with browned bread crumbs poured over. - Mrs. E. D. K.

Potato Ribbon

Peel large potatoes. Cut them round and round as you would pare an apple. Fry in hot lard until light brown. Sprinkle with salt and serve hot. - Mrs. F. D.