Quince Marmalade

To one pound of quinces, put three quarters of a pound of white granulated sugar. Wash and wipe the quinces after the blemishes and blossom end are removed, pare them and cut out the cores. To one pound of skins and cores put one pint of cold water and boil them twenty minutes, then put them into a wire sieve, and when the juice is all through, strain it through a linen cloth; cut the quinces in thin slices and to one pound of quinces put one pint of the juice. If there is not juice enough add some water. Cook them until they are soft but not broken, and then rub them all through a coarse wire sieve; mix the sugar and quinces well together and cook it thirty minutes, stir it all the time with a wooden spoon to prevent it from sticking. Put it into jelly glasses or glass jars with double writing paper, cut to fit the inside, dipped in brandy.