Wine Whey

Put one pint of rich, sour, unskimmed milk with four tablespoonfuls of sherry wine into a porcelain saucepan, cover it and set it where it will be quite warm, but not scalding hot. When the curd has formed pour it all into a linen cloth, hang it up and let the whey run out, then put into the whey one tablespoonful of white granulated sugar and four tablespoonfuls of sherry wine. This is a very pleasant drink for a weak patient.

Wine Cottage Cheese

The curd from the wine whey makes a delicious cottage cheese. The wine gives it a fine flavor.

Pat the curd into a porcelain bowl with three table-spoonfuls of rich sweet cream and rub it together with the back of the spoon against the bowl until it is very fine and smooth; then stir in one dessert spoonful of white granulated sugar. It can be served with more cream and sugar. according to taste and is very line for a convalescing patient if permitted by the physician.


Put half a gallon of rich new milk into a large porcelain pitcher, then take a piece of rennet four inches square, wash it in cold water and put it into a piece of white musquito bar lace; tie it in with a small cord and put it into the milk, fastening the cord to the handle of the pitcher. Cover the pitcher and set it where it will keep warm until the curd is formed, then take out the rennet and pour off the whey. Sweeten it with white sugar and flavor it with sherry wine, if desired and permitted.

Whey. From Wyeth's Liquid Rennet

Put one quart of rich new milk into a tin saucepan and set it over the fire until it is warm enough to drink without burning, then stir in four tea-spoonfuls of the liquid rennet and set the saucepan where it will keep at the same heat. In thirty minutes the curd will be formed, but by letting it stand one hour there will be double the quantity of whey. Serve it as desired, with or without wine. The curd will make fine cottage cheese, but must not be given to a patient.

Apple Water

Take half a pound of the best dried apples and wash them quickly in cold water and put them into a porcelain pitcher, then put in three pints of boiling water; cover the pitcher and stir them up from time to time, let them draw two hours; the water is then ready to use. The best dried apples are those which are sliced and dried by steam.

Apple Water

The best apples for making apple water are the bellflowers and the pippins. Take four good sized apples, wash them and without paring them, put them into a tin pie plate with one gill of cold water and roast them until they are very soft, then put them into a porcelain pitcher with the juice that is in the plate and pour in one quart of boiling water. When it is cool enough to drink it can be used.

Tamarind Water

Put half a pound of tamarinds into a pitcher and pour over them one quart of cold water, stir them up from time to time; cover the pitcher and let them stand half an hour.