Stewed Parsnips

Parsnips prepared in the same manner as in the preceding receipt are excellent. Only they require one more tablespoonful of butter.

Fried Parsnips

Select parsnips that are of equal size and not too large; after they are scraped and washed, split them lengthwise in halves and put them into boiling water that has a little salt in it and boil them two hours, or until they are very tender, (the length of time depends on the size of the parsnips) then take them out and let them drain. Put one large spoonful of fresh butter and one of fresh lard into a large frying pan and when it is hot enough to brown lay in the parsnips, cut side down, brown them on both sides and leave them in the frying pan until ready to serve.

Parsnip Cakes

One quart of mashed parsnips, two tabiespoon-fuls of fresh butter, one teaspoonful of salt, one quarter of a teaspoonful of pepper. Scrape the parsnips and boil them until they are soft, then mash them, and while they are warm put in the butter, salt and pepper, mix it well together, then make it into cakes three quarters of an inch thick. Have ready on the fire a frying pan with equal

,entities of fresh butter and fresh lard, and when it is hot enough to brown, lay in the cakes and brown them well on both sides.