Canned Salmon

Put the can of salmon into boiling water for thirty minutes. The water must not boil after the can is put in, but be kept at boiling heat. Then take the can out, wipe it off, and with the oyster scissors make a small hole in the top of the can, pour the juice out into a tin cup, and set it on the range where it will keep hot, but not boil. If there is not quite juice enough for the gravy add a tablespoonful of boiling water. Then mix one teaspoonful of fresh butter with half a teaspoonful of flour and stir it into the juice. Let it boil two minutes then add a pinch of salt and one table-spoonful of my tomato catsup. Cut the whole top out of the can and let the salmon out whole into a warm chafing-dish. Put the gravy into a gravy dish and send it to table hot.

Boiled Salmon

A salmon weighing six pounds, if it is to be cooked whole, takes thirty minutes. After it is scaled, dressed and washed in cold water, put it into the fish kettle, with hot water enough to cover it, that has one teaspoonful of salt in it to a pint of water. When it begins to boil skim it and let it cook slowly thirty minutes. If the salmon is cut in slices one inch thick, boil them ten minutes in salted water. Serve with a Hollandish sauce.