Put two quarts of saurkraut into a colander and set the colander into a pan of cold water and stir it half a minute, (it must not be longer in the water) then take it out and drain off the water; take one large spoonful of fresh lard and one tablespoon-ful of flour, mix together and put it into a stew pan and let it boil one minute, then put in half a pint of hot water, the saurkraut, and as much more hot water as will cover it. When it has boiled one hour put in half a pound of fat pickled pork in the center and down on the bottom of the stew pan, cook the saurkraut two hours and a half, and if the water boils down too low replenish with boiling water, but there must be very little water in it when it is done. It is very good warmed over and makes nice salad when cold.