Macaroni With Herb Cheese

Half a pound of macaroni; four ounces of butter; four ounces of grated cheese. Put the macaroni into boiling water that has one teaspoonful of salt to a pint of water and cook it ten minutes, or until it is done. It must not break up. Then put it into a colander to drain; then take a deep porcelain dish and put first a layer of macaroni, then a tablespoonful of melted butter; then a ta-blespoonful of grated cheese, and so on until the dish is full. Then put it into the oven and bake it a light brown.

Macaroni, With Tomatoes

Half a pound of macaroni, one pint of beef soup that has one teaspoonful of salt in it, half a pint of tomatoes, two table-spoonfuls of butter, a pinch of salt and pepper, two tablespoonfuls of crushed double baked rusk. Boil the macaroni in the soup fifteen minutes, or until it is soft, not broken; after the tomatoes are peeled, cut up and measured, put them into a stew pan with the butter, salt and pepper and cook them until they are all broken up, then stir in the rusk and mix them with the macaroni. Put it into a deep dish and set it into a quick oven for ten minutes.