This work was originally a suggestion of the late Dr. Pulte, and was intended as a companion to Pulte's Domestic Physician, to be a practical guide in the preparation of food for the well and the sick; for the former that he might remain well, and for the latter that he might be aided to recover his health.

It is a fact, too little understood, that many of the ills that afflict mankind are directly traceable to the use of poorly prepared and unsuitable food.

The poor cook is the modern Pandora, and her kitchen is the box from which are issuing dyspepsia, gout, rheumatism and a host of other evils.

Your energetic business man, of happy mood and contented at home and abroad, will be found to have a good digestion; whereas, your sour, morose and irritable man for whom "there is no music in this life," will as surely be found to be a miserable dyspeptic.

Every recipe in this book has been carefully tested by the author, and directions for preparing them so plainly and accurately written down, that even the most inexperienced housekeeper, by following them may be so successful that her cooking "will shine with reputation."

Attention is called particularly to the diet for the sick; every article of which was tested, tried and approved by Dr. Pulte, in memory of whom this work is published; not with any desire or expectation of profit, but in further aid to a cause to which my late husband had devoted his life and talents.

A part of the net proceeds from the sale of the work are to be devoted to the uses of that excellent charity - The Ohio Hospital for Women and Children. Mrs. DR. PULTE.

June 1st, 1888.