Arnica Tincture

Arnica tincture is an article that every family should keep in the house to use in case of accidents. The ingredients can be bought at the drug store very cheap. Put two ounces of arnica flowers into a clear glass bottle that you can see through, then put in one pint of pure alcohol and one pint of clear soft water. Cork the bottle tight, shake it up and let it stand forty-eight hours before using it. When using it dilute it with water in the proportion of one teaspoonful of arnica tincture to half a pint of water.

Remedy For Sprains

Bathe the parts affected with arnica and water in the proportion of one teaspoonful of the tincture of arnica to half a pint of water; fold a cloth into four thicknesses ana saturate it with the mixture and put it on the parts affected; put a bandage around the whole to keep it in place and moisten it from time to time with the arnica water and take a teaspoonful internally. If it is a sprained ankle, the foot, should be kept elevated. If it is an arm it should be put in a sling.

For A Cough From A Cold

Wash whole flax-seed twice in cold water and pour off whatever floats on the top; then put it into a strainer to drain. Measure it, and to one gill of the flax-seed put three tablespoonfuls of white granulated sugar and one quart of boiling water. Peel one large lemon, cut it in two and squeeze the juice in with the flax-seed; take the seeds out of the lemon, cut it up and put it in with the other ingredients, stir it up from time to time and when it is cool enough to drink it is ready for use.

How To Cure A Felon

As soon as you feel the pain apply aconite tincture to the part affected. Apply it every time you feel the pain; if it is a thumb or a finger put a cloth around it and keep moist with the tincture. - Dr. Pulte.

How To Cure Scalds And Burns

Castile soap is the best, but any other good hard soap that has no rosin in it will do. Dip the soap in to hot or cold water to soften it and then rub it onto linen cloth until the cloth is all covered, or shave the soap up fine and moisten it with water until it is very soft and then spread it on, whichever way can be done the quickest. The burn or scald must be all covered with the soaped linen and then a bandage put around whole. If the burn is a large one it is best to cut the linen into smaller pieces after the soap has been spread on, they can be handled better. They must not be removed until they fall off; moisten the outside of the soaped linen with a sponge dipped in cold water from time to time as long as the burn pains. - Dr. Pulte.

How To Heal A Cut

If the cut is long and deep, wash it off in cold water that has a few drops of the tincture of arnica in it and close up the wound with sticking plaster. Put the sticking plaster on in strips, leaving spaces between in case it should suppurate. Cover the wound to keep out the air and it will heal in a short time. If it is a small cut, or if the skin is broken in any other way, cover it with a piece of court plaster.

How To Cure A Bruise

If you have bruised yourself by falling or running against something until you are black and blue, bathe the parts affected with arnica and water in the proportion of one teaspoonful of the tincture of arnica to half a pint of water; fold a linen cloth into four thicknesses and saturate it with the mixture and bind it on to the parts affected; keep the cloth moistened with the arnicated water from time to time, and take a teaspoonful internally.