5 pounds blackberries 5 pounds apples

10 cups (5 lbs.) sugar or honey

Put required amount of blackberries into preserving pan, place in upper pan of double boiler, cover, and cook until berries are perfectly soft. Now strain juice.

Wash, core, and cut up required amount of acid and juicy apples, put them into preserving pan with sufficient water to keep from burning. Cover with lid, boil slowly until quite soft, and strain through hot jelly bag. Use equal quantities blackberry juice, apple juice, and sugar. Pour strained juice into porcelain-lined pan and boil twenty minutes. Heat sugar, add it to boiling juice, and stir with wooden spoon until sugar is dissolved, then allow to boil again five minutes. Pour into sterilized glasses and seal.

A good recipe for jelly is to mash fruit desired with a potato masher, add two cups of water, and boil five minutes. Strain, add two more cups water, and two cups maple or white sugar to every pint of liquid. Boil three minutes and skim well.

Black Currant Jam Black currants Sugar

Pick and weigh fruit, and to each pound of fruit allow three fourths pound of sugar. Bring the fruit very gently to the boil, add the sugar a little at a time, bring once more to the boil, and boil fast twelve minutes.

Pour into sterilized jars, cover while hot. Let the jars stand without being moved until quite cold.