1 large fowl or two chickens 1 onion, sliced 3 celery stalks 3 carrots sliced Boiling water

Salt and white pepper

3 tablespoons (1 1/2 ozs.) butter substitute 2 tablespoons (1/2 oz.) flour 1 cup (1/2 pt.) cream or milk


Singe, draw, and clean fowl. Pull tendons from legs with a skewer. If there is considerable fat, remove so that the pie will not be too greasy. Lay fowl breast down in a saucepan with vegetables. Just cover with water and simmer until tender. About thirty minutes before chicken is done, season to taste. When done, lift pan from fire and without removing fowl, set in cold place where it will cool rapidly. Then cover and set away until next day. Next morning skim off fat from top, take out the fowl, and skin and cut in pieces. Melt butter substitute, stir in flour, and when smooth add two and one half cups of the chicken stock. Stir until it thickens, season with salt and pepper, add cream and simmer a few moments. If liked, the yolks of two eggs mixed with a little of the hot gravy may be added just before taking from fire. Season pieces of fowl with salt and pepper, and pack them in fireproof dish, having an inverted cup in center to hold up top crust. Pour in the sauce and cover with pastry.

Cut one or two holes in crust to allow for the escape of the steam. Brush over with milk and bake in a hot oven for forty minutes.

Alternate layers of chicken and oysters, making the sauce of equal parts of chicken gravy and oyster broth, is also an approved way of making chicken pie.