Caroline King's Cook Book


MRS. KING has approached the science of cookery from a new angle. She has gone to the very root of the principles of cookery, and presented them in a way entirely novel.

Mrs. King's intention has been to supply a systematic knowledge of how foods are prepared for the table, instead of an analysis of food values or a list of recipes. From this book the housewife with little experience will learn the essential rudiments of cookery, and comprehend how to build upon a basic formula so that any dish, however elaborate it may sound, or any combination of food materials may be undertaken confidently and successfully.

Illustrated. $1.50 net.

The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book


CONTAINS 2,117 thoroughly tested recipes, from the simple and economical to the elaborate and expensive. It contains the classification and correct proportions of food, tables of measurement and weights, time-table for cooking, menus and much information not to be found elsewhere.

"The best cook book on the market." - Woman's World, New York.

"The recipes are compounded with a knowledge of the science of cooking." - 'The Outlook, New York.

"The most complete book for general knowledge to the experienced as well as the inexperienced housewife." - Chicago Evening Post.

130 illustrations. 648 pages. 32.00 net.

LITTLE, BROWN & CO., Publishers, Boston

Practical Food Economy


IN WORDS that all, young or old, experienced or inexperienced, may understand, a widely known lecturer on home economics here presents practical truths on economy in foods, shows how to have well-balanced meals and gives helpful suggestions for buying, preparing and cooking without waste. Particular emphasis is laid on the value of various foods in relation to the body, their purpose, and the quantities needed for the average family of four. The book answers the questions which women have asked Mrs. Kirk many times as she has lectured for the past eleven years before them.

With illustrations. $1.25 net.

Marketing And Housework Manual


Instructor in Household Management, Garland School of Homemaking, Boston

THIS book deals with marketing, and contains sets of marketing charts for meat, fish, groceries, fruit and vegetables, with directions for the choice, purchase and care of common foodstuffs. Methods of planning meals are indicated, and there is a form for menu sheets for housekeepers who wish to keep their food records systematically.

The book also gives brief rules for the care of the house, with directions for each process, and lists of necessary materials and utensils.

Any woman wanting to run her house in an orderly, businesslike way will find this book invaluable.

31.50 net.

LITTLE, BROWN & CO., Publishers, Boston