2 cups (1 pt.) cooked fresh or salt codfish

2 cups (1 pt.) hot mashed potatoes

4 tablespoons hot milk

1 tablespoon (1/2 oz.) butter substitute 1/4 teaspoon pepper Salt to taste 1 egg, beaten

Chop fish, add potatoes, butter, seasonings, and hot milk; beat well and when cool, shape into round cakes. Brush over with egg, toss in bread crumbs or corn meal, and fry in plenty of smoking hot fat until nicely browned. Drain and serve hot. To cook salt codfish, soak fish three hours, drain, cover with cold water, bring to the boil, then simmer until fish is tender. Drain and chop fine.

Another Method. To two cups of cooked fish, add one cup very thick white sauce, salt, pepper, and paprika to taste, one teaspoon each chopped parsley and lemon juice, and allow to cool. Shape into neat cakes, balls, or croquettes, brush over with milk or beaten egg, toss in bread crumbs or corn meal, or crushed vermicelli, and fry in smoking hot fat. Drain and serve hot. Garnish with parsley.