Flour and water pastry

Hot toasted bread

Many consider marrow bones a great delicacy. They may be either boiled or baked. If the latter, the bones are merely sawn into pieces about six inches long, the ends covered with a piece of paste made of flour and water - this is to prevent the marrow from melting out - and baked in a moderate oven in a deep dish for two hours.

If boiled, cut bones in six-inch lengths, cover ends with flour and water paste, then tie up each bone in a small floured cloth; stand bones upright in pan of fast boiling water, taking care to see that water covers them. Boil them two hours, then remove cloths and paste. Whether baked or boiled, have ready some neat squares of toasted bread, then either place a bone on each piece, having first pinned a clean table napkin around it; or spread marrow on toast, sprinkle it with salt, pepper, and a little chopped parsley. This must be done very quickly, as this dish will be considered a failure unless it is thoroughly hot.