The present volume has been prepared with great care; every recipe has been tested and tried, and will be found to meet the requirements of housekeepers of all classes. Young housewives who are novices in the culinary art will find it of service as a book of reference, while older house mothers who are experts, and who have been cooks for years to their family circle, may discover in its pages some helpful hint or serviceable recipe hitherto unknown. I have confined my attention strictly and exclusively to Economical Cookery, for I believe it is in this direction that improvement is chiefly needed. I have not sought to furnish an array of dishes requiring in their preparation costly ingredients, and an acquaintance with the art - for cookery is an art, and a very fine art too - far beyond that which may be readily gathered from a little experience and the exercise of a little common sense.

Those who have accustomed themselves to "fare sumptuously every day" would perhaps find it to their advantage to think rather less of extravagant living than they now do. It is the everyday food of everyday people which needs to be chosen more judiciously, cooked more skillfully, and served more invitingly than it now is.

Marion Harris Neil.