Roast two partridges, cut them up, being careful to have all the pieces nicely pared, and to suppress the skin, leaving on as little bone as possible; range these when prepared on a small baking sheet and keep them in a cool place; have also a round serving dish laid aside on the ice. Prepare a salmis sauce (No. 536) with the parings and bones; strain it into a small saucepan to cool, while stirring occasionally, then incorporate into it slowly two spoonfuls of Madeira wine and several more of good cold jelly (No. 103); beat this on ice to thicken as a chaudfroid sauce. Dip each piece of game singly into this sauce to envelop thoroughly; drain and dress in a pyramid form in the center of a cold dish, reserving the choicest pieces for the top; leave the entr<5e on ice for another quarter of an hour. Garnish the wings and legs with paper frills (No. 10), surround the base of the pyramid with chopped jelly or croutons of jelly (No. 2442), and small glazed truffles laid in cases.

(2575). Cold Salmis Of Quails A La Balzac (Salmis Froid De Cailles A La Balzac)

Roast eight quails; remove the breasts and break up the legs and bones. Fry some shallots in butter, moisten with white wine and half-glaze sauce (No. 413); put in the broken-up carcasses and let simmer for twenty minutes, then strain through a sieve, and add two gelatine leaves, so as to thicken to a good consistency. Decorate some pigeon ballotine molds, the same as ballotines a la Madison (No. 2427), with fanciful cuts of egg-white and tongue; coat with jelly and lay the breasts in the center; finish filling with the cooled-off jelly; unmold the ballotines, range them in a circle on a bread socle covered with green butter (No. 583), and fill the center with chopped jelly, and around with croutons (No. 2442).