Mince four ounces of leeks, six ounces of carrots, four ounces of turnip-cabbage, two ounces of celery, four ounces of turnips, and four ounces of onions. Place four ounces of butter into a saucepan on the fire, and when hot, add to it the finely minced vegetables and moisten with two quarts of white broth: boil, skim and cook slowly. As soon as the vegetables are well done, drain them, and pound them in a mortar, diluting the puree with some of its broth; strain through a sieve or tammy, heat it to a boiling point without letting it boil, then thicken with egg-yolks, cream and fine butter (No. 175.)

Garnishing, Small Buttered Timbales (No. 6, Fig. 137) filled with one layer of finely cooked chestnuts and one layer of cooked rice, filling them up with royal cream (No. 241), and poach in a slack oven; unmold and serve these in a separate tureen with a little consomme poured over.