Boil up two quarts of clarified veal broth; put into it four or five spoonfuls of French tapioca, and let cook together for twenty-five or thirty minutes; strain, and return it to the saucepan on the side of the range. Prepare with some thinly rolled out raviole paste (No. 147), four or live dozen small ravioles, filling them with three different preparations: one-third of them with a good puree of spinach, one-third with a puree or cooked foies-gras combined with a little melted beef extract, and the other third witli finely chopped up fresh oronge-agaric, thickened with a little reduced sauce, or should there be no oronge-agaric then use cepes or peeled mushrooms. Plunge into boiling water four or five not over ripe tomatoes; drain them as soon as the skin peels off, and press them through a tammy, and if the puree be too thin, then let it drain on a fine sieve. reserving the liquid, and putting it into a saucepan with some good veal stock and reduce it to a half glaze. Cook the ravioles slowly in salted water for twelve to fifteen minutes with the cover on. then drain, and lay them in the soup tureen.

Remove the soup from off the fire, mix it in with the puree of raw tomatoes, season, and pour it over the ravioles.