Put a pint of milk into either a silver or tin saucepan. Place in a bowl two level spoonfuls of racahout, then four or five spoonfuls of cold milk; dissolve the racahout and pour it into the boiling milk; let cook for four or five minutes, stirring all the while, sweeten to taste and serve. It can also be prepared with water instead of milk.

Racahout Cream

Put six egg-yolks into a basin with two heaping tablespoonfuls of racahout and ten ounces of sugar; beat well with a whip, adding one quart of boiling milk; cook this cream until it almost boils, without allowing it to do so, then strain, cool and freeze, mixing in half as much whipped cream (No. 50). Pack two molds in ice; having covers to fasten on the outside; one cylindrical, five and a half inches in diameter and six inches high, and the other dome-shaped, four and a half inches in diameter at its base. Pour some maraschino over macaroons; place them in layers in the cylindrical mold, then racahout cream to cover, on this the fruits and more of the cream and then macaroons (No. 3379), continuing until the mold is entirely full, finishing with the cream; fit on the cover, freeze for one hour, then unmold it into the above wafer timbale; lay this timbale on a folded napkin, put on to it first the wafer ring and then the dome cover and serve.