Wash in several waters one pound of morils; cut off half of their stalks, then throw them into boiling water, and leave them to soak awhile; change the water, then drain them by lifting them up with the hand and laying them on a sieve, afterward saute them in four ounces of butter, adding the juice of a lemon, and let them cook for ten minutes. Moisten them with one pint of consomme ( No 189), adding a bunch of parsley garnished with thyme and a bay leaf: boil the whole for twenty minutes, then suppress the parsley and drain off the broth; now add some espagnole sauce (No . 414), and fine herbs, and reduce it to the consistency of a light sauce, to which add the morils and serve very hot.


Cut off the stalks from two pounds of girolles and then divide them into two or four pieces, according to their size. Wash well in several waters, then drain. Heat four ounces of butter in a sautoire, adding the girolles and some lemon juice; moisten with a pint of bouillon (No. 187) season with salt and let boil slowly for a few moments, then drain and put them back into the saucepan. Reduce a pint of espagnole sauce (No. 414) with the clear part of the stock, add it to the girolles just when serving and finish the sauce with a little chicken glaze (No. 398) and two ounces of fresh butter.