Proceed exactly the same as for brissotins of game Lyonnese (No. 850) only replacing the game salpicon by a chicken a la Reine salpicon (No. 938) and the game forcemeat by a chicken and cream forcemeat (No. 75). Use a supreme sauce (No. 547) with these.

(850). Brissotins Of Game, Lyonnese (Brissotins De Gibier A La Lyonnaise)

Butter some timbale molds (No. 2, Fig. 137), fill them with game and cream forcemeat (No. 75). and poach in a slow oven, laying them in a baking pan and pouring boiling water around to half the height of the molds; when firm to the touch, remove from the oven, and let them get thoroughly cold. With a tube measuring five-eighths of an inch in diameter, less than the bottom of the mold, remove the center of the forcemeat, and from this piece cut two slices three-sixteenths of an inch in thickness; put one of these slices into the empty space in the timbale, cover with a game chasseur salpicon (No. 745), and lay the other slice on top, as shown in the accompanying figure dip them in beaten eggs, and bread-crumbs, smooth the surfaces nicely, and mark the end with the tube that has been used to remove the center and fry a nice color, now lift off the marked slices or rouuds, fill the iuside with a Madeira sauce (No. 492), put the piece back again in place of a cover and serve.

(851). Brissotins Of Lobster, Indian Style (Brissotins De Homard A L'Indienne)

To be made precisely the same as the game Lyonnese (No. 850), only replacing the game salpicon by a lobster and mushroom salpicon (No. 746), thickened with veloute sauce (No. 415) and curry, and use pike forcemeat (No. 76), instead of game forcemeat. Finish with au Indian sauce ( No. 483