(2415). Aspic Of Oysters (Aspic D'Huitres)

Blanch some oysters, drain, wipe and cool; coat them over with a liberal layer of remoulade sauce (No. 628), to which liquid jelly has been added. Decorate a cylindrical mold (Fig. 150) with fanciful cuts of truffles, egg-white, gherkin and the red part of lobster, dipping each piece in half-set jelly and fastening them on to the bottom and sides of the mold; pour in a layer of jelly, having it half an inch thick, and on it dress the oysters in a circle, one overlapping the other; pour in more jelly to cover these another half inch and continue until the mold be full, then leave for several hours to become very cold; unmold and garnish around with chopped jelly and croutons.

(2416). Aspic Of Partridge - Minion Fillets (Aspic De Filets Mignons De Perdreau)

Pare twelve partridge minion fillets; remove all sinews and thin skin and streak them with semicircles of truffles graduated in size; season and bend their thin ends in one direction; poach in a little butter and lemon juice; drain and when cold pare nicely. Incrust a plain cylindrical mold (Fig. 150) in ice. Decorate the sides on the top and bottom with an even chain of round pieces of truffle and red beef tongue, cut out with a tin tube an inch and a quarter in diameter; these pieces are to be dipped in half-set jelly and the red and black colors alternated, letting each chain be at an equal distance from the minions. Decorate the sides in the center as shown in Fig. 449, with the streaked fillets, dipping one at a time in half-set jelly and applying the streaked side to the mold; in order to succeed with this it will be found necessary to incline the mold on ice and turn it around as soon as the jelly hardens and the separate fillets are fastened on firmly. Coat this decoration with a thick layer of jelly and till the mold with a partridge preparation a la Montgomery (No. 2548); leave it to cool on ice for one hour.

When prepared to serve, dip the mold in hot water and invert the aspic on a bed of cold jelly on the bottom of a dish; fill the center with foies-gras balls three-quarters of an inch in size covered with brown chaudfroid (No. 594;; on top place very white cocks'-combs brushed over with jelly and surround these with a chain of small truffles dipped in jelly; keep the aspic on ice for half an hour before serving.

Aspic Of Partridge Minion Fillets Aspic De Filets 469

Fig;. 449.

(2417). Aspic Of Pheasant (Aspic De Faisan)

Clean two young pheasants; truss them as for an entree (No. 178), and braise white; cool off, remove the breasts (fillets) and pare into the shape of escalops one inch in diameter by three-sixteenths of an inch in thickness; cover each one with foies-gras. Pound the remainder of the meats and rub through a sieve; put the pulp in a vessel, and add to it a pint of half-glaze sauce (No 413) prepared with truffle essence (No. 395), and a pint of strong jelly (No. 103): let this get very cold, and with it thickly cover the escalops; leave to cool on ice. Besides this make a puree with one partridge, and dilute it with white chaudfroid (No. 596); season highly, rub through a sieve, and mix in as much white jelly (No. 103) as chaudfroid. Coat a cylindrical fancy mold (No. 650) with white jelly, and incrust it very firmly in ice. On the bottom of this mold lay a bed of jelly three-quarters of an inch in thickness; on it arrange some slices of truffles one overlaying the other, each slice to be au inch in diameter and an eighth of an inch thick; on top of these place the escalops; pour on a layer of the white chaudfroid half an inch thick, and on this a row of escalops overlapping each other; cover these with more white jelly; now pour in a layer of chaudfroid, and continue the process until the mold be full; leave till very cold, then invert it on a small socle, either of stearin or carved rice (see No. 10).