(1891). Chickens A La Madeleine - Sauted (Poulets Sautes A La Madeleine)

Cut in quarters two small one and three-quarter pound chickens after cleaning them well; season with salt, pepper, paprika, and sweet Spanish peppers; put them into a liberally buttered sautoir, and when they commence to brown add half a pound of bacon cut up in quarter inch squares, having it previously blanched, four ounces of carrots and the same quantity of turnips cut in three-sixteenth inch squares and blanched separately, four ounces of onions in one-eighth inch squares also blanched, and a small garnished bunch of parsley (No. 123). Moisten with a little stock (No. 194a) and veloute (No. 415), cover the sautoir and finish cooking in a slack oven until cooked; when ready to serve thicken the sauce with egg-yolks, cream, butter and lemon juice; pour this over the chickens trim the handle bones and serve.

(1892). Chickens A La Marcel - Sauted (Poulets Sautes A La Marcel)

Prepare a sufficient number of chickens the same as for sauteing (No. 1906); season with salt and pepper; pour some oil into a sautoir and when very hot add the pieces of chicken and saute them colorless; when nearly done put in one small chopped up shallot for every chicken, also a clove of garlic. Scoop out some potatoes olive-shaped, with a large oval vegetable spoon; cook them slowly in butter as well as some small artichoke bottoms after having them blanched, then finish cooking in butter; dress the chickens, garnish the artichoke bottoms with a consistent, mellow chestnut puree (No. 712) pushed through a pocket, and lay on top of this medium-sized channeled and glazed mushroom heads (No. 118); range these around the chicken and the potato olives between every one; trim the handles with frills (No. 10) and serve with a separate Colbert sauce (No. 451).

(1893). Chickens A La Marengo - Sauted (Poulets Sautes A La Marengo)

Take two chickens and prepare them exactly as for the sauted chickens (No. 1906); heat some oil in a sautoir, range in the pieces one beside the other, and set it on a brisk tire tossing them until they are of a fine color, then add a clove of crashed and chopped garlic and some mignonette. Just when prepared to serve drain off three quarters of the fat and replace it by half a pint of white wine, detaching the glaze from the pan, then add a pound of mushroom buttons, and four ounces of thickly sliced truffles, espagnole sauce (No. 414), a little meat glaze (No. 402), a little line tomato puree (No. 730) and lemon-juice. Dress the chickens in a pyramid form, cover over with the garnishing and trim the drumsticks and pinions with paper frills (No. 10); decorate the of the dish with egg-yolks fried in a small frying pan with a little oil, some half-heart small bread croutons and middling-sized trussed crawfish.

(1894). Chickens A La Maryland - Sauted (Poulets Saut6s A La Maryland)

For this dish choose small one pound chickens, split them open through the back, pare nicely (Fig. 353) and season, rub over with flour, then immerse in beaten eggs and bread-crumbs. Heat some clarified butter in a sautoir, fry the chickens in it very slowly to cook and attain a fine color, then finish cooking them in a slack oven for ten minutes. Kress the chickens on a bechamel sauce (No. 409) reduced with cream, and garnish the top with small corn fritters (No. 1349) and slices of broiled bacon, decorate the legs with paper frills (No. 10).