(3178). Californian Pineapple Jelly (Gelee Aux Ananas Californienne)

Pare neatly a ripe, medium-sized pineapple; split it in two lengthwise; remove the core and cut it into thin crosswise slices; arrange these in a. dish and cover with a quart of thirty-degree syrup and one gill of cognac; let macerate for two hours. Put into a tinned basin four ounces of gelatine with a quart of water, the juice of four lemons and six oranges, also the peel of half a lemon and the same of an orange; clarify with six egg-whites, adding, just before the filtering process, all of the syrup used for marinating the pineapple. As soon as the jelly is properly filtered pom it intoa vessel, cool partly on ice, and let fall on the top three pure gold leaves; mix the jelly so that the gold separates and spreads. Incrust a jelly mold on pounded ice, pour into it a layer of the gold mixed jelly and let it get hard; on this dress a crown of the prepared pineapples, drained and well wiped, and over pour a second layer of the jelly; when this is also hard range another crown of pineapple, and continue until the mold is full.

Set the jelly on ice for two hours to stiffen thoroughly; unmold it on a cold dish and surround the base with a circle of the slices of pineapple, one overlapping the other.

(3179). Macedoine Jelly With Champagne (Gelee Macedoine Au Champagne)

Prepare a macedoine of preserved or fresh fruits. They should be firm. Cut in three-eighths of an inch dice and steep in brandy. Besides this prepare two quarts of orange jelly (No. 3180) and pour it into a small bowl packed in ice; stir it continuously until almost cold, then add to it half a bottleful of champagne and continue to work it in until it attains the consistency of a thick syrup. Now put in the well-drained and wiped fruits. Keep on turning until the jelly begins to solidify, then transfer it to a jelly mold that has been incrusted on pounded ice; lay more of it over and leave for an hour and a half to set thoroughly. Unmold as for No. 3183.

(3180). Orange Jelly In Cups (Gelee D'Orange En Tasses)

Put four or five gills of sweet, clarified, liquid jelly (No. 106) into a bowl; when quite cold mix in with it the juice of three or four oranges filtered through filtering paper spread on a sieve; add two or three drops of liquid clarified carmine and incrust the vessel in chopped ice. Stir the jelly with a spoon until it is half set, then mix in with it two or three spoonfuls of candied orange peel cut in very small dice: stir again for two minutes, and with a spoon fill up some very cold small cups; keep these for twenty minutes on ice before serving.

(3181). Rose Jelly (Gelee A La Rose)

Place a pan on the fire containing one pint of clear syrup at twenty-eight degrees; at the first boil mix in with it two handfuls of fresh, highly perfumed rose leaves, and remove from the fire to let infuse a quarter of an hour while covered. Strain the liquid through a fine sieve and mix in with it a sufficient quantity of gelatine or clarified isinglass, adding also two gills of filtered orange and lemon juice, and four or five spoonfuls of good brandy. Taste the jelly, test its consistency on ice, in a small mold, and when perfect pour it into a jelly mold and let harden for one hour on ice, then unmold on a cold dish.