(3533). Alcazar Souffles - Iced (Souffles Glaces A L'Alcazar)

Fill some paper cases with the following: Pour some vanilla ice cream (No. 3458) into a metal vessel; lay it on salted ice, stirring well with a spoon, mixing in as much whipped cream, finishing with macaroons and broken chestnuts infused in maraschino: with this preparation imitate the shape of some souffles just taken from the oven. Have some pulverized macaroons sifted through a fine sieve and bestrew the souffles with this powder; cut a gash on the side, then cover with fine powdered sugar. Color quickly in a brisk oven and then put into the freezing box; pack it on ice to freeze for one hour; serve on folded napkins.

(3534). Favart Souffles (Souffles Glaces A La Favart)

Have ready a burnt almond ice cream preparation (No. 3455); when frozen mix into it as much whipped cream and with this partly fill some crimped paper cases; on top lay slices of hazelnut biscuit (No. 8241) soaked in maraschino, and strawberries in their juice macerated in kirsch; cover and shape to resemble baked souffles; besprinkle with powdered macaroons and icing sugar; color briskly in a quick oven, then stand them on the shelves of a tin freezing box; freeze for one hour and serve.

(3535). Palmyra Souffle (Souffle Glace Palmyre)

Cook in a slack oven a few good, whole, unpeeled russet apples placed in an earthen dish; when done, remove all the pulp and rub it through a sieve. Put four gills of this into a vessel with half a pound of fine sugar flavored with vanilla, and beat on ice to give it body, then mix in a pint of whipped cream flavored with maraschino. Dress this preparation in separate layers in a souffle dish (Fig. 182), alternating each one with a layer of almond biscuit soaked in maraschino and well-drained brandied figs; shape it like a dome, then freeze it for forty minutes in salted ice in a freezing box. After taking it out decorate the dome with sweetened and vanilla-flavored whipped cream, also candied fruits; return it to the freezing box and serve half an hour later.

Palmyra Souffle Souffle Glace Palmyre 691

Fig. 065.