(3684). Preserved Pineapple (Ananas Confits)

Pare some very ripe pineapples to the pulp, suppress the cores with a tin tube and cut them up into quarter-inch thick crosswise slices; throw them immediately into a panful of cold water, drain and put them into a basin of boiling water to blanch, refreshing afterward in a panful of cold water. Prepare a twelve-degree syrup, add to it the well-drained pineapple and boil up once. Now transfer to vessels to leave stand for twelve hours. At the end of this time drain off the syrup and pour it into a copper pan. Add a little sugar, boil to bring it to fourteen degrees, then add the pineapple; twelve hours later boil the syrup a little more, until it reaches sixteen degrees; pour it over the fruit and continue this same process until the syrup is at thirty degrees; when this takes place boil up several times, throw in the sliced pineapple and leave them for a few moments, then transfer the whole to jars; when cold close hermetically and keep in a cool, dry place.

(3685). Preserved Quinces (Coings Confits)

Quarter some good, sound quinces; peel, core and throw them at once into cold water, then plunge them into boiling water and boil until they become quite tender. Refresh, drain and range them in wide, shallow vessels; cover with boiling syrup at fifteen degrees and keep them in a cool place for twenty to twenty-four hours; drain off the syrup, add a little sugar, boil up and let it attain two degrees more; continue the same process until it reaches thirty degrees; then drain the syrup again, add a little more sugar and boil until it reaches thirty-two degrees, then put in the fruits and boil up once. Pour into stone jars and when cold close hermetically.