(280). Puree Of Red Beans A La Conde (Puree De Haricots Rouges A La Conde)

Soak for twelve hours in tepid water, one quart of red beans; drain them, then put them into a saucepan with six quarts of water, one carrot cut in pieces, one onion and a bunch of ungarnished parsley, and let cook slowly for three hours, seasoning with salt, pepper and cloves. When the beans are sufficiently done, drain them and mash them in a mortar; dilute this puree with its own broth, giving it a proper consistency, then incorporate into it, when ready to serve, a quarter of a pound of good butter. Serve separately small croutons of bread a quarter of an inch square, fried in butter.

(281). Puree Of Reedbirds Or Larks With Chestnuts (Puree D'Ortolans Ou D'Alouettes Aux Marrons)

Procure three dozen larks, pick them, remove the pouches and gizzards, and take off the fillets, laying them aside. Fry the carcasses in a quarter of a pound of fine butter, with half a pound of smoked, lean, raw ham, cut in quarter inch squares, and moisten with three quarts of game consomme (No. 192), and one quart of espagnole sauce (No. 414). Boil slowly and despumate for one hour, then drain and pound the carcasses and ham with one quarter of a pound of blanched rice cooked in consomme, and one pound of chestnuts; moisten this with the broth and strain all through a sieve, and afterward through a tammy, add some Madeira wine, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and when ready to serve, work into it a three ounce piece of fine butter, stirring it in vigorously till thoroughly melted. Saute the fillets when ready, and serve them with the soup.

(282). Puree Of Peas With Croutons Or Rice (Puree De Pois Aux Croutons Ou Au Riz)

Have one pound of dry peas (green split peas), wash them well changing the water until it is perfectly clear, then put them into a saucepan with three quarts of beef stock or water, one carrot cut lengthwise in four, two large onions with four cloves, salt and pepper. Boil and let cook slowly on the range or in a slack oven, then remove the carrots and cloves, and pass the peas through a line sieve with the onions. Season properly and moisten as required, then let the soup boil up again, skim it and work in about four ounces of butter. Serve a garnishing of bread croutons cat in quarter inch dice and fried in butter, or else some rice boiled in consomme.