(3056). Small Celestine Omelets (Petites Omelettes Celestine)

Make a dozen small omelets, and when done slip them on a baking sheet and cover four of them with cream frangipane (No. 44) and chopped or finely cut-up candied fruits, four with apple marmalade (No.3675) and almonds, and four with strawberry marmalade. Fold over flat or else roll them and cut off the ends; divide each one in two and arrange them in a pyramid form on a hot dish; pour over some apricot sauce with rum, and dredge over the surface pistachios and sweet almonds cut in dice and two spoonfuls of dry currants; serve at once.

(3057). Celestine Omelet With Whipped Cream (Omelette Celestine A La Creme Fouettee)

Break three eggs in a bowl and add to them a pinch of salt and a coffeespoonful of sugar; beat the whole well and run it through a sieve. Butter the bottom of a medium-sized frying pan with clarified butter, heat and pour it in the preparation, spreading it over the entire surface so as to obtain a mellow omelet. Put in a vessel two spoonfuls of currant jelly and dilute it with double its quantity of sweetened whipped cream, then incorporate into this two crushed macaroons; lay this cream in the center of the omelet, raise the edges to inclose it well, and invert it on a dish. Powder over with powdered sugar, and glaze with a red-hot iron. Dress on each side a spoonful of whipped cream mixed with currant jelly and crushed macaroons.

(3058). Frangipane Omelet (Omelette A La Frangipane)

Prepare a frangipane cream with vanilla and almonds (No. 44). Beat up ten eggs in a vessel with a grain of salt, two tablespoonfuls of sugar and the same of melted butter; dilute the whole with a gill of cream. Make with this a dozen small omelets in a pancake pan buttered with clarified butter; after taking them from the pan, slip them on a baking tin and cover over one side with a layer of the prepared frangipane; fold them up flat and cut off the ends, bestrew with powdered sugar and glaze under a salamander (Fig. 123), then dress in a pyramid.

(3059). Rum Omelet (Omelette Au Rhum)

Beat up seven or eight eggs in a bowl and add to them a grain of salt, two spoonfuls of powdered sugar and a spoonful of good rum. Warm a little butter in a pan and pour in the beaten eggs, thickening them over a brisk fire stirring with a large fork. Fold over the omelet as fast as it detaches from the pan, and invert it with one stroke on a long dish; strew its entire surface with powdered sugar and glaze it with an omelet iron heated in the fire, decorating the top any desired fashion. Serve the omelet after pouring a few spoonfuls of rum with a little syrup into the bottom of the dish and setting it on fire.

(3067). Omelet Stuffed With Preserves - Glazed (Omelette Fourree Aux Confitures Et Glacee)

pare a sweet omelet with seven or eight eggs; as soon as it becomes firm roll it over on itself in the pan to detach it. then bring it forward and till it with currant jelly or apricot marmalade [No, 3675); shape it nicely, rolling it on itself lengthwise, and invert it quickly on a small long dish. Give it a pretty appearance, turning the ends under, and dredge over with powdered sugar: glaze the surface with an iron heated in the tire.