(3222). Timbale Of Waffles (Timbale De Gaufres)

Pound ten ounces of shelled and skinned almonds with one pound of sugar and sufficient egg-white to form it into a fine soft paste. Put this into a vessel and incorporate half a pound of flour; dilute with eight lightly beaten egg-yolks. With a part of this paste lay on a waxed baking sheet a band four and a half inches wide by sixteen inches long, and bake it to a fine color: as soon as done pare the edges straight and bend it around a timbale mold: fasten the two ends well with cooked sugar, and leave till cold. Add to the remainder of the paste a few spoonfuls of whipped cream, and with it arrange on waxed baking sheets about forty very thin and even waffles, each five inches in diameter, and cook them to a fine color in a brisk oven; as soon as done roll them on a small roller about a quarter of an inch in diameter. When all the waffles are cooked and rolled up dip one end of them one by one into royal icing (No. 101), then into finely chopped pistachios, and lay them on a grate and dry the icing in a heater.

After this is accomplished fasten them all around the waffle timbale, close to each other, having the pistachio ends uppermost, and attach them in position with cooked sugar; set this timbale on a waffle paste foundation dredged over with pink sugar (No. 172). Decorate the base with small one-inch diameter meringues filled with bavarois cream (No. 3133). When prepared to serve slip it on a dish and fill it with a light chocolate bavarois (No. 3131).

(3223). Waffles Brisselets With Raspberry Cream (Gaufres Brisselets A La Creme Framboisee)

Arrange one pound of sifted flour in a circle on the table; in the center place four ounces of butter, six ounces of sugar, a piece of hartshorn the size of a hazel-nut and powdered very fine Dilute the whole with half milk and half cream to have it the consistency of a Milan paste, only slightly softer; roll out in the shape of strings and cut each one of these into small pieces, then mold them into balls three-quarters of an inch in diameter. Heat some flat round waffle irons, butter lightly with clarified butter and when hot open and place one of the balls in the center, close the irons and cook to a fine golden color on both sides; as soon as this is accomplished remove and roll them quickly around rolling pins three-quarters of an inch in diameter, and leave till cold. Just when ready in serve fill by means of a cornet with whipped cream flavored with raspberry and dress in a pyramid on a dish covered with a folded napkin.

(3224). Wafers With Curacoa Cream - Rolled (Gaufres Roulees A La Creme Au Curacoa)

Have in a vessel three-quarters of a pound of sugar, six ounces of flour, six ounces of corn starch, two ounces of melted butter, ten lightly beaten egg-whites and a pint of whipped cream; make with this a smooth paste, adding a little vanilla flavoring and a few tablespoonfuls of brandy. Heat on a slow fire some flat waffle-irons, butter them with a pad dipped in clarified butter, and when hot cover one side with a spoonful of the paste; close the irons and cook the waffles on both sides; after they are done roll them on three-quarter-inch in diameter rollers; remove from these and leave till cold. Serve dressed in a pyramid on a dish covered with a napkin and fill them all by means of a cornet with whipped cream flavored with a little Curacoa.