Almond Sandwiches

Chop to a mince half a pound of blanched almonds. Add half a teaspoon of salt, and mix in a small cup of thick cream till you have a paste. Spread on buttered slices of graham or whole wheat bread.

Baked Bean Sandwiches

Take thin slices of graham bread, butter, and spread with baked beans which you have slightly mashed and dampened with their own liquor. Add a little finely minced or sliced onion, a drop or two of vinegar or lemonjuice, and a dash of salt Press the bread together.

Beef Sandwiches

A beef sandwich may be made from cold roast beef as a filling, or from cold boiled beef. The natural accompaniments of beef are onions, tomatoes, and horseradish. If you use onion with the beef, scrape or chop it fine, add a little salt and pepper and spread over the beef after it has been laid on the bread, and before the second slice is added. If you use sliced tomato, also have that well seasoned with salt, pepper, and a drop of lemonjuice or vinegar before laying on the beef. If you use grated horseradish follow the Russian custom and mix the horseradish with thick cream, a little salted, spread on the lightly buttered bread, lay in the trim and filling of beef, and press on the upper slice.

Raw Beef Sandwiches

Mince the beef you use very fine. Free it from filaments or threads, mix in finely minced onion to the proportion your taste directs, and season with salt. Spread on graham or white bread, set in the icebox, and serve cold.

Cheese Sandwiches

Make into a paste quarter of a pound of American cheese, a heaping tablespoon of butter, a teaspoon of mustard and a few drops of wine or cider vinegar. Spread on thin slices of bread.

Cream Cheese Sandwiches

These are made like the foregoing, and the pot or cream cheese is spread before the lettuce leaves are put on. Chopped olives wet with a little cream and paprika are sometimes used instead of lettuce leaves.

Cheese And Walnut Sandwiches

Slice thin whole wheat bread, or graham or white bread. Butter, and spread with cream cheese in which you have mixed or pounded English walnut meats, and a dash of cayenne.

Chicken Sandwiches

Chop fine the meat of a chicken for sandwiches the white meat is preferable and with it a few olives as a savory. Stir in a mayonnaise to hold all together and spread on buttered bread.

Chicken Curry Sandwiches

Mince cold chicken, pound to a paste with its curry sauce, and spread on buttered slices of bread.

Date And Fig Sandwiches

Chop fine either dates or figs, moisten with cream or hot water, add a few drops of lemon or orangejuice, and spread upon thin buttered slices of either graham or white bread.

Egg Sandwiches

Rub to a paste the yolks of four hardboiled eggs. Mix in a teaspoon of made mustard, a little salt, and a few drops of vinegar. Chop fine the whites of the eggs, add to the yellow paste and spread on thin slices of buttered bread.

Egg, Bread, And Sardine Sandwiches

Chop hardboiled eggs not very fine, and with them half as many skinned sardines. Season with salt and pepper, and when well mixed spread thick on thin slices of brown or graham bread. Press the sandwiches together firmly.

Fish Sandwiches

Fish sandwiches offer a happy way of utilizing remains of boiled fish, such as salmon, lobster, sole, etc. They may be made of the fish minced, or of the fish still kept in solid form. If the fish is minced, season it well, make it to a paste with butter, and spread on buttered slices of whole wheat or graham bread. Between the slices of bread a little scraped onion may also be added, or, if the taste prefers, cool slices of cucumber which have been soaked in a French dressing. If the fish is not minced, but kept in solid meat, soak the meat well in a French dressing before it is laid between buttered slices of graham or whole wheat bread. Here again scrapings of onion or slices of cucumber are not amiss.

Ginger Sandwiches

Chop the ginger fine, soften it with thick cream, and spread on either whole wheat, graham, or white bread. Candied fruits, such as cherries, pears, orange peel, may be used in the same way.

Ham Sandwiches

Cut pieces of cold boiled ham, keeping some of the fat. Chop fine, and mix it in a small quantity of mustard which has been mixed up with water, a little sugar, and salt. Add to the ham a small quantity of chopped cucumber pickle, and stir all together. Slice two pieces of white bread thin, turn so that the pieces match, butter the bread, and spread the ham on one slice thickly. Turn the other slice over it, and cut in one or two pieces, according to the size of the slice.

Ham And Onion Sandwiches

Between thin slices of buttered rye bread lay a thin slice of boiled ham, touch the ham lightly with made mustard, and press the bread together. A very thin slice of Bermuda onion may be laid on the ham, if the taste so directs.

June Rose Sandwiches

New made and unsalted batter when packed overnight with fragrant rose leaves absorbs their perfume. Cut delicate slices of white bread in fingers or dollar sizes, spread with the butter, lay on a few petals, and press together.

Lettuce Sandwiches

These sandwiches are made of slices of white bread buttered and holding between them two or three crisp, white lettuce leaves on which a pinch of salt and a few drops of lemonjuice or a spoonful of mayonnaise have been placed. Or graham bread is used. The lettuce leaves are sometimes cut in ribbons instead of being kept whole.