Canning In The Preserving Kettle

Canning in the preserving kettle is less satisfactory; but is sometimes considered easier, especially for small fruits. Cook the fruit according to the directions and see that all jars, covers and utensils are carefully sterilized. When ready to put the fruit in the jars, put a broad skimmer under one, lift it and drain off the water. Set it in a shallow pan of boiling water or wrap it well in a heavy towel wrung out of boiling water; fill to overflowing with the fruit and slip a silver-plated knife around the inside of the jar to make sure that fruit and juice are solidly packed. Wipe the rim of the jar; dip the rubber ring in boiling water, place it on the jar; cover and remove the jar, placing it upside down on a board, well out of drafts until cool. Then tighten the covers, if screw covers are used; wipe the jars with a wet cloth, and stand on shelves in a cool, dark closet.

The success of canning depends upon absolute sterilization and not upon the amount of sugar or cooking. Any proportion of sugar may be used, or fruit may be canned without the addition of any sugar. Juicy fruits, such as berries and cherries, require little or no water.

Canned Raspberries

6 quarts berries 1 quart sugar

Put one quart of the fruit in the preserving kettle; heat slowly, crushing with a wooden potato masher; strain and press through a fine sieve. Return the juice and pulp to the kettle; add the sugar; stir until dissolved; then add the remaining quarts of berries. Boil ten minutes, counting from the time they begin to boil. Skim well while boiling, and put into jars as directed.

Canned Blackberries

Follow the recipe for raspberries.

Raspberries And Currants

5 quarts raspberries 3 pints currants

5 cups sugar

Heat, crush and press the currants through a sieve as directed in the recipe for raspberries; add the sugar and when the syrup begins to boil add the raspberries. Proceed as with raspberries.

Canned Currants

6 quarts currants 2 quarts sugar

Follow the recipe for raspberries.

Canned Blueberries

6 quarts berries 1 pint sugar

1 cup water

Put berries, sugar and water in the preserving kettle; bring to a boil slowly and cook for fifteen minutes.

Canned Cherries

6 quarts cherries 3 Dints sugar

pint water

Measure the cherries after the stems have been removed; stone them or not, as desired. Put the sugar and water in the preserving kettle and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Add the cherries; bring slowly to a boil and cook ten minutes.

Canned Grapes

6 quarts grapes 1 quart sugar

V2 cup water

Squeeze the pulp out of the skins; cook for five minutes; rub through a sieve fine enough to retain the seeds; return to the preserving kettle with the water and skins; bring slowly to the boiling point, removing the scum. Cook for fifteen minutes.