Roast Pork

Select leg, loin, spare-rib or shoulder. If the skin is left on, cut it with a sharp knife in lines running both ways. Add water and bake in a moderate oven, allowing from twenty to thirty minutes to the pound. Serve with apple sauce.

Roast Pork 22Diagram of Cuts of Pork

1. Head

2. Shoulder

3. Back

4. Middle cut

5. Belly

6. Ham

7. Ribs

8. Loin

Diagram of Cuts of Pork

Pork Chops

Have chops cut not more than a half inch thick. Place them in a hot pan and cook slowly until tender and brown. Serve with fried apples.

Salt Pork In Milk

1 pound salt pork 4 tablespoons fat

2 cups skim milk 4 level tablespoons flour

Cut the pork into thin slices; cover with hot water; let stand for ten minutes and drain. Score the rind of the slices; fry until a golden brown and serve in a milk sauce. Heat the flour in some of the fat that has been rendered in frying the pork; add the milk gradually; bring to a boil and pour over the slices of pork or empty into a gravy boat.

Meat Pot-Pie

Cut beef, chicken, or other meat into pieces; put in boiling water; cover and cook until tender, seasoning to taste. When the stew is done add drop dumplings and serve.

A little chopped hard-boiled egg, parsley, bay leaf or other herb lends variety to the pot-pie.

Pigs' Feet In Jelly

2 pair feet

3 quarts cold water Salt and pepper

1 teaspoon powdered allspice teaspoon powdered cloves Pinch of powdered mace

1 cup vinegar

Clean the feet and put them over the fire in the water. Boil slowly until the meat falls from the bones; strain through a colander; return the broth to the kettle and boil until reduced to one pint. Remove all the meat from the bones; cut it into small pieces and add the seasonings. When the broth is reduced, add the meat and vinegar; let simmer two or three minutes; then pour into molds. Serve on the following day, emptying the molded jelly upon a platter and garnishing with parsley or other green.