Pop-Corn Balls

Boil syrup molasses for twenty-five or thirty minutes; stir into it corn that has been carefully popped; pour out on buttered tins and with greased hands form into balls.

Purled wheat and rice may be made into balls in the same way.

Fruits Glace

2 cups sugar 1 cup water

Washed fruit

Boil the sugar and water until the syrup becomes brittle when dropped in cold water. Dip the fruit in the syrup and set in a cool place.

Nuts Glace

Follow the recipe for fruits glace. Put each nut on a long pin; dip it carefully and lay on oiled paper.

Candied Lemon And Orange Peel

Lemon and orange peel if saved can be put to excellent use. Take out the greater portion of the white inside; throw the rinds into boiling water and simmer gently for twenty minutes. Drain, weigh and take a pound of sugar to every pound of peel. Put a layer of sugar and a layer of fruit into the preserving kettle; stand it over a slow fire until the sugar melts. When melted, cook slowly until the rinus are transparent. Lift them out; drain them and when nearly dry roll in granulated sugar.


4 ounces pulverized gum arabic 1 cup pulverized sugar

1 cup cold water Pinch of salt

Flavoring to taste

Soak the gum arabic in the water for two hours; put in a double boiler; bring slowly to the boiling point and when the gum is dissolved strain through coarse muslin. Return to the double boiler with the sugar and stir long and steadily until the mixture is stiff and white. Remove from the fire; beat hard for a minute; flavor to taste and beat for a minute more. Pour into tins well dusted with cornstarch, cut into squares and roll in cornstarch and sugar.


6 tablespoons hot water White of 1 egg

2 cups brown sugar 1 ounce walnut meats

1 ounce chopped raisins

Boil together the first two ingredients until a little of the mixture forms a soft ball when dropped into cold water. Beat the white of the eggs as stiff as possible; add walnuts and raisins and pour the syrup over the eggs, beating constantly. When the mixture will stand alone drop from a teaspoon upon paraffin paper.

Orange Paste

4 level tablespoons gelatine

1 1/3 cups water

2 cups granulated sugar

1 orange 1 lemon Confectioners' sugar


Soak the gelatine in half of the water; bring the sugar to a boil in the other half and combine the two. Boil slowly but steadily for twenty minutes; add the grated rind of the orange and the juice of lemon and orange, making a half cup in all. Rinse a tin in cold water; pour in the mixture to the depth of one inch. When the paste is firmly set immerse the mold in warm water; turn out the paste; cut in cubes and roll in a mixture of confectioners' sugar and cornstarch.

The paste may be varied by using different fruit juices, flavoring and coloring.

Karo Candy

cup cream 1 cups brown sugar

1 cup Karo syrup tablespoon butter

cup chopped walnuts

Boil together the cream, syrup and sugar. Test by dropping a little in cold water, and when almost done add the butter and walnuts. Remove from fire; beat until creamy; empty into a buttered pan; mark off in squares and set aside to cool.

Cocoanut Cones

2 tablespoons cornstarch 1 cup shredded cocoanut cup sugar White of 1 egg

Mix the sugar and cornstarch together; add the cocoanut and the white of egg beaten to a stiff froth. Form into small cones and lay at equal distances on stiff paper or on a greased baking tin. Bake in a slow oven until firm.

Hoarhound Candy

Hoarhound 2 pounds sugar

2 cups boiling water White of 1 egg

Pour the water on as much hoarhound as it will cover; steep it on a slow fire for several hours; then strain and put the same water on a fresh supply of hoarhound and steep as before. Add enough boiling water to make a full pint; strain and when cold add the beaten white of egg and the sugar. Boil it slowly until thick, removing the scum that rises. Test by dropping from a spoon into cold water: when it hardens quickly it is done. Pour into buttered tins; mark off in small squares and set aside to cool. When cold break it up and put it in glass jars.