2 cups granulated sugar 1 cup water

saltspoon cream of tartai

Put the ingredients in a copper or granite saucepan; stir until the sugar is dissolved, but no longer. Boil until the mixture makes a very soft ball when dropped in cold water. After it has boiled a few minutes sugar will adhere to the sides of the kettle: this should be washed off as soon as it forms, with the hand first dipped in cold water. Pour the mixture slowly on a moist marble slab or large platter; let it cool until pressure with the finger leaves a dent on the surface. If stirred while too warm or if cooked too long it will granulate and must be recooked, adding more water. When it will dent work the mass with a wooden spoon or spatula, keeping the mass in the center as much as possible. Continue to stir until creamy; then work with the hands until perfectly smooth. Put in a bowl; cover with oiled paper to exclude the air and let stand for twenty-four hours.

Make into balls for cream chocolates and centers of walnut creams, date creams, etc., adding flavoring as desired. For cocoa-nut creams stir in grated or dried cocoanut.

Quick Fondant

White of 1 egg Confectioners' sugar


Beat the egg very stiff; stir in as much confectioners' sugar as the egg will hold; flavor and mold into small balls.