pound shelled almonds 1 pound pulverized sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla Whites of 3 eggs

Blanch the almonds and plunge them into cold water. Run them through a chopper or pound them as fine as possible; add the vanilla and sugar and the whites of the eggs, well beaten. Work the paste thoroughly; then dip the hands in water and roll the paste into balls the size of a nutmeg. Lay them on buttered paper an inch apart and bake fifteen or twenty minutes in a slow oven.

Cocoanut Macaroons

1 grated cocoanut cup flour

its weight in sugar White of 1 egg

Mix the cocoanut thoroughly with the sugar and flour; add the white of the egg, well beaten, and work the paste carefully. Roll it into balls the size of a nutmeg and lay them on buttered paper. Bake fifteen or twenty minutes in a slow oven.

Nut Macaroons

Whites of 2 eggs tablespoon flour

pound powdered sugar Pinch of salt

pound chopped nuts

Beat the whites very stiff; stir in the sugar, flour and salt and last the nuts. With wet hands roll the mixture into small balls and bake on buttered paper.