1 pint sugar Whites of 6 eggs

1 pint water Flavoring

Boil the sugar and water together for about five minutes or until it threads; then drop slowly on the beaten whites of the eggs and continue beating until cold. Flavor to suit the taste with fruit or coffee and let it stand in a pail of chopped ice and rock salt for about five hours. Use equal parts of ice and salt.

Cherry Mousse

1 pint thick cream 2 drops almond extract

1 cup cherry juice Powdered sugar

Mix the ingredients, sweetening to taste; chill and whip until stiff; then pack in ice and salt for three hours or more.

Grape, raspberry and strawberry mousse may be made in the same way. Heat the fruit slightly before mashing and straining for the juice.

Pineapple Mousse

1 pint thick cream Juice of lemon

1 pint pineapple juice and pulp 1 cup powdered sugar

Mix the ingredients thoroughly; chill and whip until stiff. Let stand in ice and salt for three hours or more.

Maple Mousse

cup sultanas 1 pint thick cream

cup maple syrup tablespoon lemon juice

Wash, drain and soak the raisins in the syrup for several hours; then strain the syrup into the cream. Whip to a stiff froth; add the raisins and lemon juice and turn into a freezer without the beaters. Surround by equal parts of salt and ice and let stand until firm.