2 teaspoons tea 4 cups boiling water

Use an earthen or china teapot and have water freshly boiled. Scald out the teapot; put in the tea and pour on the boiling water. Let stand in a warm place for five minutes; pour off and serve.

Never let the tea boil; never let it stand a long time on the leaves; and never make more by adding fresh leaves to the old.

Russian Tea

Make the tea as usual. Serve with thin slices of lemon from which the seeds have been removed.

Tea Punch

1 quart tea Juice of 6 lemons

1 pound sugar Juice of 2 oranges

1 lemon sliced

Make the tea as usual; add sugar and fruit juices, cracked ice and more water as desired. Serve in a punch bowl with thin slices of lemon floating on the top.

Suggestions For Afternoon Tea

Suggestions For Afternoon Tea

Iced Tea

Make tea as usual; pour it off the leaves; sweeten to taste, and when cool stand in the refrigerator until serving time. Have the glasses filled with cracked ice and have thin slices of lemon cut to serve with the tea.