Any of the recipes for boiled meats or stew are, of course, suitable for use with the ordinary box cooker. Those calling for the use of radiators are not. Meats that must be browned can be prepared in the cooker, however, if they are browned over a blaze either before or after they are placed in the cooker.

Here are a few recipes:

Roasted Meats

Sear the roast over the fire, turning it constantly in a hot, dry pan; put in a very hot oven with two cups of water and bake twenty minutes. While this is being done, bring the water in the outer kettle to a boil; then place the roast over it; cover and boil hard for five or ten minutes; lift into the cooker and leave all day, reheating at noon and again at serving time. Lift the meat from the upper pan and make a brown sauce from the juice that remains.

Stuffed Heart

1 heart Savory drippings

1 cup broken bread 1 chopped onion

Salt and pepper

Wash the heart thoroughly inside and out. Dip the breadcrumbs in fat; brown them in the oven; mix with chopped onion and season thoroughly. Stuff the heart with this mixture; sew up the opening and put it on to boil in water sufficient to cover. Boil for ten minutes and set in the tireless cooker for six or eight hours. Remove from the water half an hour before serving; sprinkle with flour, pepper, salt and grated crumbs and brown in the oven.

Mock Wild Duck

1 pounds round steak

2 lamb kidneys

cup drippings

cup cracker crumbs

1 tablespoon minced onion

Salt and pepper Powdered thyme and sage

2 tablespoons flour 1 tablespoon sugar

3 cups water or stock

Choose a steak from the round, about one half inch thick. Trim the kidneys of all fat, cords and veins. Cut into small pieces and spread evenly over the steak, together with crumbs, onion and seasonings. Roll and tie with a cord. Brown the roll in the drippings; then remove and make a gravy by heating the flour in the fat and adding the water or stock and the sugar. Return the meat to the gravy; heat it thoroughly; place in the tireless cooker and cook until tender. Just before serving time remove the roll and brown it in the oven.