Orange Water Ice

Eight oranges, three lemons, three pounds loaf sugar, one box gelatine dissolved in cold water, enough to make one and a half gallons. Extract the oil of both oranges and lemons by rubbing the rind with lumps of sugar. Freeze as usual. Pour boiling water over the gelatine after it has stood in cold water half an hour.

Caramel Ice Cream

One small half teacup of white sugar in a pan, and stir over the fire until the sugar turns liquid and begins to smoke. Turn it at once into one quart of custard: stir rapidly. When cool, add one quart rich cream, strain and freeze.

Orange Ice Cream

Boil two quarts of milk. Stir in it while boiling one tablespoonful of corn starch mixed with a little cold milk, and the yolks of three eggs beaten light. Stir it briskly to prevent its curdling. When perfectly cold add one and a half pints of cream and the juice of six oranges. Sweeten to taste. Beat very light the whites of three eggs and stir them in just before freezing.

Parker's Ice Cream

One quart new milk, one vanilla bean, one tablespoonful of corn starch or flour; boil all together. When cold add one quart cream, three-quarters pound of sugar, beat the whites of six eggs to a froth and stir them in.

Chocolate Cream

Scrape quarter pound of chocolate very fine, put it in a quart of rich milk or cream. Boil it until it is dissolved, stirring occasionally. Thicken with one egg. A vanilla bean boiled with the milk improves the flavor. When cream is used the egg may be dispensed with. Freeze in the usual way.

Grape Sherbet

Take half gallon grape juice, sweeten to taste, then add two teacups of sugar to three teacups of orange juice, half teacup of lemon juice; then add this to the grape juice, and when ready to remove the dasher from the freezer, add the whites of three eggs well beaten with two tablespoons of sugar. Beat and pack to stand in ice and salt until hard.

Tutti Frutti

When a rich vanilla cream is partly frozen add candied cherries, English currants, chopped raisins, chopped citron or any other candied fruit chopped rather fine in about the same quantity of fruit as of ice cream. Mould it, and imbed it in ice and salt.

Orange Ice

To four quarts water take five oranges and three lemons. Grate the rind of the oranges clean on lumps of sugar, but only use the juice of the lemons. Squeeze the pulps of the oranges and lemons, and put boiling water to them, then let it stand until the water is cold. Strain the water off, put about two pounds of sugar to this quantity in addition to the lumps of sugar used. Freeze as usual.

Strawberry Ice Cream

Take half a gallon of rich cream perfectly sweet. Sweeten to taste; then take half a gallon nice ripe strawberries, mash them well in a marble mortar, with half a pound fine white sugar, or more if the berries are sour. Then mix the mashed berries into the cream and freeze hard. Raspberry and peach cream is made in the same manner.