Making Sandwiches

The crusts, as a rule, remain on the bread for picnic or lunch-box sandwiches. The bread should be cut fairly thin - not over one half inch. If the crusts are removed the sandwich is daintier and easier to eat.

If the crusts are left on the bread, it is better to use pieces that follow each other on the loaf for each sandwich. To do this, cut the needed slices and allow them to fall in order.

The butter should be thoroughly creamed, to spread more easily and more evenly over the bread. The butter should be spread to the very edge of each slice of bread, but not allowed to go over the edges and give an untidy look to the sandwich. Use a small spatula or table knife to spread filling and butter on the bread.

Both slices of the bread should be buttered. Spread the filling on only one buttered slice of the sandwich.

Keeping The Sandwiches

Each sandwich is kept better if wrapped individually in waxed paper. Waxed paper sandwich bags may be purchased inexpensively. It is now possible to buy waxed paper with attractive designs stamped on it, and sandwiches wrapped in such paper are quite gay.

Sandwiches will keep moist and fresh if wrapped in a damp tea towel and placed in the refrigerator until used. The towel should not be allowed to become completely dry.

To keep sandwiches fresh on a picnic, wrap individually, as suggested, and place them in a box with a tight fitting lid. First line the box with waxed paper or a damp towel or napkin. If three kinds are wrapped in each packet, or as many as there are varieties, it will save confusion and additional handing about at the picnic.

Sandwich Combinations

1. Equal parts cream cheese, stuffed olives cut fine; moistened with cream or mayonnaise.

2. Beef or tongue chopped fine, with a bit of Worcestershire or horseradish sauce; moistened with mayonnaise.

3. Marmalade, chopped nuts on white bread.

4. Sardines boned, then minced, lemon juice and paprika.

5. Peanut butter, crisp bacon pieces, catsup, brown bread.

6. Cold chicken, lettuce, sliced ripe tomato, mayonnaise on white bread.

7. Fresh crisp lettuce, watercress, mayonnaise.

8. Canned tuna or salmon flaked, sweet pickle relish, finely cut celery, mayonnaise.

9. Minced ham, chopped pickle, mayonnaise.

10. Devilled egg, mayonnaise, lettuce.

11. Boiled ham, Swiss cheese, mustard, lettuce.

12. Hard cooked eggs rubbed to a smooth paste, boned anchovies, creamed butter.

13. Cottage cheese, finely cut celery; mixture moistened with cream or mayonnaise, lettuce.

14. Prepared cheese spreads and lettuce.

15. Canned minced ham, or tongue, or pate de fois gras, with mayonnaise, lettuce.

16. Minced cucumber, cream cheese, minced onion; mixture moistened with cream or mayonnaise.

17. Devilled egg, minced ham, mayonnaise.

18. Nut bread with cream cheese.

19. Chopped raisins, figs or dates, chopped nut meats, lemon juice; moistened with mayonnaise.

20. Cream cheese, shredded pineapple, moistened with cream or mayonnaise.

Sandwich Combinations 52