Fillet Of Veal

Is the corresponding part to the round in an ox, and is cut in the same way. If the outside brown be not desired, serve the next slice. Cut deep into the stuffing, and help a thin slice, as likewise of fat. A fillet of veal should be cut very smooth and thin.

Breast Of Veal

Answers to the brisket of an ox. It should be cracked lengthways, across the middle of the bones, to divide the thick gristly part from the ribs. There is a great difference in these parts; and as some prefer the one, and some the other, the best way is to ask to which the preference is to be given. The burr, or sweetmeat, is much liked, and a part should be served with each slice.

Necks And Loins

Of all sorts of meat, if properly jointed by the butcher, require only to be cut through; but when the joints are too thick for one, cut a slice between each, that is, cut one slice without bone, and another with. Some prefer one, and some the other.