How To Boil Haddocks

In the best season in October, November, and December.

Scrape the outsides very clean, open the fish, empty them, wash the insides thoroughly, take out the gills, curl the haddocks round, fasten the tails to the mouths, arrange them on a fish-plate, and lay them into warm water salted as for mackerel, with a very small bit of saltpetre to render them firm. Skim the water, and simmer them from seven to ten minutes, according to their size. Send them very hot to table, with a tureen of melted butter, and one of anchovy sauce.

7 to 10 minutes.

Baked Haddocks

After they have been cleaned, dry them thoroughly, then bake them, as directed in the common receipt for pike, or fill them with oyster-forcemeat, or with No. 1 of Chapter IV (Sauces)., if more convenient, and pro ceed as for baked mackerel.

20 to 30 minutes; longer if very large.