Sauce Piquante

Brown lightly, in an ounce and a half of butter, a tablespoonful of minced eschalots, or three of onions; add a teaspoonful of flour when they are partially done; pour to them half a pint of gravy or of good broth, and when it boils, add three chilies, a bay-leaf, and a very small bunch of thyme. Let these simmer for twenty minutes; take out the thyme and bay-leaf, add a high seasoning of black pepper, and half a wineglassful of the best vinegar. A quarter-teaspoonful of cayenne may be substituted for the chilies.

Eschalots, 1 tablespoonful, or three of onions; flour, 1 teaspoonful; butter, 1 1/2 oz.: 10 to 15 minutes. Gravy or broth, 1/2 pint; chilies 3; bay-leaf; thyme, small bunch: 20 minutes. Pepper, plenty; vinegar, 1/2 wineglassful. excellent horseradish sauce; (to serve hot or cold with roast beef.)

Wash and wipe a stick of young horseradish, grate it as small as possible on a fine grater, then with two ounces (or a couple of large tablespoonsful) of it, mix a small teaspoonful of salt, and four table-spoonsful of good cream; stir in briskly and by degrees, three dessertspoonsful of vinegar. To heat the sauce, put it into a small and delicately clean saucepan, hold it over, but do not place it upon the fire, and stir it without intermission until it is near the point of simmering, but do not allow it to boil, or it will curdle instantly.

Horseradish pulp, 2 ozs. (or, 2 large tablespoonsful); salt, 1 teaspoonful; good cream, 4 tablespoonsful; vinegar, 3 dessertspoonsful.


Common English salad-mixture is Often added to the grated Horseradish when the sauce is to be served cold.

Hot Horseradish Sauce

(to serve with boiled or stewed meat, or fish.) Mix three ounces of young, tender, grated horseradish with half a pint of good brown gravy, and let it stand by the side of the fire until it is on the point of boiling; add salt if required, a. teaspoonful of made-mustard, and a dessertspoonful of garlic or of eschalot vinegar, if at hand; if not, twice as much common vinegar for it.

Some cooks stew the horseradish in vinegar for ten minutes, and after having drained it from this, mix it with nearly half a pint of thick melted butter.

Horseradish, grated, 3 ozs.; brown gravy, 1/2 pint; made-mustard, 1 teaspoonful; eschalot or garlic vinegar, 1 dessertspoonful (or common vinegar, twice as much).