Sweet Pudding Sauce

Boil together for fifteen minutes the thin rind of half a small lemon, an ounce and a half of fine sugar, and a wineglassful of water; then take out the lemon-peel, and mix very smoothly an ounce of butter with rather more than a half-teaspoonful of flour, stir them round in the sauce until it has boiled one minute; next add a wineglassful and a half of sherry or Madeira, or two thirds of that quantity and a quarter-glass of brandy: when quite hot, serve the sauce.

Port-wine sauce is made in the same way, with the addition of a dessertspoonful of lemon-juice, some grated nutmeg, and a little more sugar: orange rind and juice may be used to give it flavour when preferred to lemon.

Rind 1/2 lemon; sugar, 1 1/2 oz.; water, 1 wineglassful: 15 minutes. Butter, 1 oz.; flour, large 1/2 teaspoonful: 1 minute. Wine, 1 1/2 wine-glassful; or, 1 of wine, and 1/4 glass of brandy.

Punch Sauce Fob Sweet Puddings

This is a favourite sauce with custard, plain bread, and plum-pud dings. With two ounces of sugar and a quarter-pint of water, boil very gently the rind of half a small lemon, and somewhat less of orangepeel, from fifteen to twenty minutes; strain out the rinds, thicken the sauce with an ounce and a half of butter and nearly a teaspoonfiil of flour, add a half-glass of brandy, the same of white wine, two thirds of a glass of rum, with the juice of half an orange, and rather less of lemon-juice: serve the sauce very hot, but do not allow it to boil after the spirit is stirred in.

Sugar, 2 ozs.; water, 1/4 pint; lemon and orange rind: 14 to 20 mi-nntes. Butter, 1 1/2 oz.; flour, 1 teaspoonful; brandy and white wine each 1/2 wineglassful; rum, two thirds of glassful; orange and lemon juice.

Common Pudding Sauce

Sweeten a quarter-pint of good melted butter with an ounce and a half of sugar, and add to it gradually a couple of glasses of wine; stir it until it is at the point of boiling, and serve it immediately. Lemon-grate, or nutmeg, can be added at pleasure.

A Delicious German Pudding Sauce

Dissolve in half a pint of sherry or of Madeira, from three to four ounces of fine sugar, but do not allow the wine to boil; stir it hot to the well-beaten yolks of six fresh eggs, and mill the sauce over a gentle fire until it is well thickened and highly frothed; pour it over a plum, or any other kind of sweet boiled pudding, of which it much improves the appearance. Half the quantity will be sufficient for one of moderate size. A small machine, resembling a chocolate mill, is used in Germany for frothing this sauce; but a couple of silver forks, fastened together at the handles, will serve for the purpose, on an emergency. We recommend the addition of a dessertspoonful of strained lemon-juice to the wine.

For large pudding, sherry or Madeira, 1/2 pint; fine sugar, 3 to 4 ozs.; yolks of eggs, 6; lemon-juice (if added), 1 dessertspoonful.


The safer plan with sauces liable to curdle is to thicken them always in a jar or jug, placed in a saucepan of water; when this is not done, they should be held over the fire, but never placed upon it.