Put into a deep dish from six to eight ounces of rice which has been washed, and wiped in a dry cloth; just moisten it with milk, and set it into a gentle oven; add milk to it at intervals, in small quantities, unti. the grain is swollen to its full size, and is tender, hut very dry; then mix with it two dessertspoonsful of fine sugar, and if it should be at hand, four or five tablespoonsful of rich cream. Pill a tart-dish almost to the brim with fruit properly sugared, heap the rice equally over it, leaving it rough, and bake it in a moderate oven for half an hour, unless the fruit should be of a kind to require a longer time; when very hard, it must be half stewed with the sugar before it is put into the dish. The rice may be swelled over a very slow fire when more convenient; and the Butch or American oven will serve quite well to bake the pudding.