After all the fine mild weather I have been mentioning, it suddenly began to freeze, with hard, cold, moonlight nights. So to-day I thought of my little birds. I now find it prettier and less trouble, instead of hanging the string with cocoanut and suet from a window or a stiff cross-bar, to arrange it in the following way: I cut a big branch, lopping it more or less, and push it through the hole of a French iron garden-table that I happen to have which holds an umbrella in summer. On the other side of the house I stick a similar branch into the ground. On these I hang, Christmas-tree fashion, some pieces of suet and a tallow candle - the old 'dip ' - a cocoanut with a hole cut, not at the bottom as I recommended before, but in the side, large enough for the Tom-tits to sit on the edge and peck inside, and yet roofed enough to prevent the rain-water collecting in it. They seem to have remembered the feeding from last year, as they began at the piece of suet at once. On the table below I used to put a basin to hold crumbs and scraps from meals - rice, milk, anything almost, for the other birds who will not eat either the fat or the cocoanut. But I found this was such a great temptation to the cats and dogs of the establishment, who became most extraordinarily acrobatic in the methods by which they got on to the table, that I had to devise wiring the saucer of a flower-pot and so hanging it on to the most extended branch, out of reach of the cleverest of Miss Pussies. If once it freezes very hard, I put out bowls of tepid water. This the birds much appreciate.