On this day last year I went to one of the Drill Hall Horticultural Shows, and was especially delighted with Amygdalus davidiana; it is one of the earliest of the flowering shrubs. I immediately bought a plant, and on my return this year I found it in full flower, every branch wreathed with the lovely delicate white flowers. I only wish I had bought three or four plants instead of one. I shall certainly do so next autumn. The branches I ventured to cut have lasted over ten days in the room in water, and those left on the plant have turned brown from the frosty nights.

I went to a neighbour to-day and found the house filled with pots of Genista pręcox. They came from Waterer's, and a more charming effect in a large room I never saw. The plant was beautifully grown and one mass of pale lemon-coloured bloom - sweet-smelling, too. I have long had it outside, and it does very well; but it seems difficult to strike, though I think it could be managed just before it is in full bloom. I expect what I saw was grown from seed, but it is not in Thompson's list.